Have YOU Got Runescape????

If You Got Runescape Than Add Me! My Username is called Waffleboyz12!!! I’m A Member! Im Normally On World 129 or World 71! :D;)


~Coldblast227~ or ~VVaffleboyz12~


8 Responses to “Have YOU Got Runescape????”

  1. oscarone Says:

    Hey coldblast. I dont have a runescape, but why arent you updating the polls? Please answer.


    Coldblast227: well im trying to post the poll last monday but polldaddy isnt allowing it i’ll try this monday k cya!

  2. oscarone Says:

    *IMPORTANT* I might come back to my blog, but if I do, I won’t post as much. I haven’t completely made up my mind yet.

  3. bluehero29 Says:

    hey coldblast will u come to my 1,000 hits party?
    For details on the party go here

  4. thefrezer2366 Says:

    yo coldblast your missing alot of things, u need to catch up on your wordpress

  5. Hyperkid0 Says:

    Hey!!! Whats up Coldblast227 or Bluebird5836! Its me Hyperkid0 I just was surfing the net and found your site PRETTY COOL!!!!!

  6. N60storm4 Says:

    Yes I do have one but I quit when thay made it so you cant use the wildey and now there graphics are to good for my computer.

  7. darthpuckie Says:

    yay level 74 or 75

  8. Tater Tot Says:

    Hmmm. Thats not my thing on the web.

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