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Its Payday!

April 20, 2009

Well Today I Found Out That We Are Finally Getting Payed For Are Work 🙂

Soon, Penguin Agents and Tour guides Will Be Payed For There Duty!!!

Nobody Knows How Much Yet, Hope It Would Be Something Like 5 Coins or 10 😉



Well Thats It For Today…

Catch You In The Cold!



Rsnail’s Blog Is Up!

April 15, 2009

Looks Like Rsnails Blog is Back!

Check It Out!

Well it looks like i’ve got back into Club Penguin!!!

I wont be a member (waste of money lol)

but ill be about in the available servers!

Catch You In The Cold!




Medieval Party Sneek Peek!

April 13, 2009

Well Looks Like Billybob Posted Something On The Blog on Club Penguin… lol

Anyways,  The Medieval Party will be starting  on 8th  May till The 17th May 2009 (:


And YOU Guys Voted For The 3rd Pictures for the Medieval Background!  I Voted For 1 🙂

This Is What It Will Be Anyways,


Well Thats Just About It Really,


Catch You In the Cold!




Colblast227 Has Been Spotted In Club Penguin!

April 12, 2009

Well, It seems like ive been spotted on cp 😦


Yes, i have been going onto Club Penguin this previous week.


I’ll give you a heads up on whats happening!

1) I will be seen playing cp

2) Some Youtube vids maybe uploaded! With a new series of a new show!


Plus it seems i have like two glitches on me account..

1)im not a member, but i wearing member clothes?

2)i can accept as many  buddy invites as i like, but i cant add them or it ses it is full? lol

Catch You In The Cold!